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FACT: Annual fees for a 12 month year of $54,960.60

Your children will do all the work, they will be the janitors, scrub toilets directly after other students in 'higher positions' use them, and as they move up in the 'program', they will be the prison guards. Your child will be put into a small, overcrowded house with many ACTUAL criminals and drug-addicts. Since The Elan School contains many crazies, the staff feel YOUR child should be watching them in isolation, instead of a staff member. The student to staff ratio at many times is about 1 : 40. The children could clearly take over at any time which is why a strong level of brainwashing will occur when your child steps foot in the door.

I used to give tours of The Elan School when I was a position called 'Re-entry' which is the highest level a student can reach. I was highly coached as to what I could not say, and what I had to say. Tours were only given during very 'convenient' times when the children were not screaming, being beat up in 'The Ring', or being emotionally abused by staff members. Since these things occur nearly all day, every day, every month of every year, these 'tours' had to be meticulously scheduled.

If you are wondering how the ME Department of Education could fund or promote such a place, here is an interesting fact from a linked article titled: New York seeks change at Elan School:

'While New York conducted a surprise inspection, it is the policy of Maine's education department to let schools know when state officials are going to conduct a visit, said Edwin "Buzz" Kastuck, whose responsibilities within the department include school approval.'

Here is a claim made in the same article:

'Frank McDermott, the Elan School's director of education, said the New York officials who visited in 2005 conducted extensive interviews with students, parents and graduates.

here is a comment written after an article, titled:Good News: Bad Economy Killing Abusive Teen Programs:

"I was a student at the Elan School for 3 years from 2005 to 2008. I am still traumatized by what I went through during my time there. Waking up each day the environment was constant screaming and swearing, by students, but more so by the "staff". I remember as a new student, I was crying when I was told to scrub a garbage can as a punishment for something so minor that I can't even remember the cause. I has stopped cleaning it, and that was when the staff determined that I had to be restrained and dragged to "the corner", isolation in a room to the point when one barely feels human. I tried to fight back, as any normal person would do when one is touched and forcefully grabbed without consent. Instead of just bringing me to the corner, the staff had other students hold me up, my hands and feet restrained, as other students were forced to scream and degrade me. I say forced, because regretfully I have also done the same to other students, and I know that if they refused to participate in this abominable event they too would have been punished. The only way to survive in this setting was to shut down emotionally. This memory haunts me to current day.

"This school needs to be shut down, and I am happy if that day is coming near. Even if Elan survives the recession, it should still be closed. However, this could prove to be exceedingly difficult, because the students in the school are pressured not even to think a bad thought about the program, let alone utter it, and will receive punishment if they fail to oblige that rule. I know that while I was at the school investigations were conducted, and students were pressured into lying. Furthermore, a survey was also done, which now appears on the school's website, some questions asking about if we felt comfortable at the school. It was said to be anonymous, but again we felt pressured into lying, staff was supervising, and each of our handwriting could be easily identified.
"I hope someone reacts to the atrocity that is the Elan School."

I do too...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

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  1. WHAT A BUNCH OF BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTATION CRAP!!!!!!! lol i went there from 2005 too 2008. GRADUATED THE PROGRAM...It was easy and it was tough...what the hell do you think you went there in the first place for? Cookies and rainbows? Kids don't just get sent there for no reason....EVERYONE HAD SEVERE PROBLEMS.. We are were troubled kids...90 percent of this students....that want to go all " elan is abusive crap" didn't graduate were idiots and refused to grow... change there ways...try to make an effort...yes school was expensive....YOUR POINT! Point i see is...if they pay all this money...(your parents)... There not going to have you sit around and act like its summer camp...NO ITS A THERAPUTIC BOARDING SCHOOL!!!!! There job is to rape you of your image...break you get to the beginning of everything...admit to your guilt...because until you recognize why you are such a MENACE TO SOCIETY me inclded...I was one of thoese then you can figure out how and why you acted the way you did...where thoese feelings came from...This page is like a cult...elan wasn't...This is pathetic!!!!! Its been years for some of you decades...I went to college I work..and I think I am positive asset to this society...apparently you guys have nothing but time...act like victims because yet was just something you could handle or finish....Your victimes that it...end of story... scrubbing about that... we shit eat and breathe there...that was to teach us to clean up after ourselves...when you are repriminded you get an L.E its stand for learnnnnningggg experienceeeee....jesus you guys are of your rockers....The picture of the ring below...that took place over 20-30 years ago. SHUT UP ALREADY like anythng else in our twisted society...things evolve into better things...theres always a rough draft...several at that until you get the master copy...Elan was hard as hell my first year i was miserable..a bully..liar...and I didn't care about anything....I would of been dead if it wasnt for that i said wasn't easy but not built to be hearts and rainbows...its a last resort before jail...Your parents give up there rights to elan...spending half 100 grand a year, did you expect to bake cookies or something? GET REAL LOSERS. Shit like this makes me mad....PATHETIC it really is beyond pitiful....Exageration after exageration...lets talk about where you guys are now...besides playing victims and being little hmmm the kids are brainwashed and trained to treat the kids below in lower rankings like slaves? no.....we all go thru every guessing most of you didn't even make it to half the positions....It was brain washed and no one was forced to treat people like shit...there was a chain of commands for a real like you have supervisor...manager on and so military you have lower rank all the way to the go from kindergarden to 12 grade....They do the kids that went there learned to hold each other accountable. To not be afraid to stand up for the right not cave in to peer learn how to be a leader and not a follower...before you went to elan or any of us at that...who said hey, rachel...dont drink drive...hey scott you probably should steal your parents money...hey mike don't do dope...or anything like that...your friends skipped skipped school...your friends did did drugs...did you beat the crap out of your parents? A lot of kids did...You friend is having sex with every guy for attention....guessing you wont stop them or say anything you'll do it confidence...we were scum..and headed no where quick. SO THE ACOUNITABILTY IS THERE FOR A REASON IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now listen, Its called a peer run program..i ran parent tours too..they know what they are getting themselves into. It is clearly a peer run program 1...and two staff ration was never 1 to 40...more like 1 to 10...bogus lies.... 2nd staff don't force kids to do there job...who better to teach the new kids...then the kids themselves who are finally growing up and know what its like to be in there position...its called give it away like you got it....Its called pretty freaking amazing if i'd say so myself...If an adult was telling what to do...I wouldnt of been as receptive...Authority ovbisley ment shit to me before i went to elan...The kids thoigh they knew where you were coming from, how you felt.. how to help you sort throught it... and now are trying to help you as the kids above them heled staff work really hard...i was at one of the highest positions you can be at...I was behind the scences a lot as well... They orchestrate and over sea everything!!!! EVERYTHING its there jobs to make sure things are running if it really was 40 kids ratio to 1 adult...think about this you not think thoese 40 kids would alli together...if this abuse bs was true...and out number the 1 staff memember you speak of?.... Yeah NO. It was hard...guess what LIFE IS HARD! you pick yourself learn to make mistakes so you know how to correct your self... THIS SCHOOL IS OVIBSLEY A DISLPINARY SCHOOL... so displine is exactly what it was.... you do something wrong minor or not...and repeat same can scrub the floor for 10 minutes or the toilet or a trash can....seriously? get over happy you didnt end up in physc ward heavily medicated with further problems... or jail. I disagree with most of the crap on here. I think its stupid and pathetic...not come DELETE MY COMMENT pansies

    I would happily do a public speaking and rebottle all this ludacris bs, I might ever right a book called...miserable losers who couldnt make it through so life waitout having to vitctimize themselves by YOURS TRULY I HAVE NO PROBLEM SPEAKING THE REAL TRUTH the elan isnt it the problem guys...its you for not trying to be selfless to change for the people who you hurt i e your parents siblings friends,,,selfish selfabsorbed good for nothing morons. I hate liars and what more unappreciate self centered shitheads... you missed prom? missed having a gf or bf? or to beable to drink or party...boohoo your not the only one...and while you are sitting complaining about your pitiful existence....REAL MEN AND WOMEN are in 3rd world countrys away from there families to protect us. They have a lot of bs too put up with to...but you know what makes them different??

    They arent low life degenerate losers of society with out goals. They have dreams and actual are productive members of society.

    STOP LIVING IN THE PAST AND MOVE FORWARD...once you tell lie you endup believing it. and for the anti elan kids theres just as many pro elan kids. BYE simmer on that i'm responding so say whatever you want i'm done with this pathetic page

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  4. You are both disgusting delusional maggots I pity you. Just get over it? Yeah would love to. For every one of you clouded things there are 50 people who know what was done to us and what we were in turn doing to each other was wrong. I guess I just don't get rock hard from abusing others. But I'm glad to hear you had a splendid time.

  5. God your probably the owner. Are you enjoying my $40000, pretty much straight profit since we got maybe $5 worth of crap spend on us a day, including food, shampoo..usually there was just muddy water to spread around and once a week pine sol dropped into a single mop bucket. It was so desgusting and degrading and while I have a hard time believing you are not involved with the cess pool.. It's like you are pissing in my face, making light of that place. I thought after nearly 10 years things would get better but nothing has changed. After it closed, it was almost worse. So now this whole thing gets to fade into history while no one is paying the price for this desgusting thing! You should give my parents their money back, because thanks to élan my dad is stuck with a useless idiot who is worthless. Thanks a lot. I'm not making myself a victim. I'm just trying to accept it happend, and no one should be treated that way. Stupid fake posts about how it wasn't bad are enough to discredit 50 true stories of humiliation , having to get on your knees and sponge the floor , or that wonderful "no pants" thing. Yeah that did wonders for my self esteem. It's like you are boning us in the face all over again. Or maybe no one cares, because inside, all people are bad. It's true. I tried to do the right thing and ended up tied up in a corner for hours. Or getting spit on by 60 raged up screaming cattle zombie things. All because I wouldn't scream at someone who has done nothing to hurt me? Then as you are thrown under the bus by every individual there, you taste the truth, there are no friends here and .. You can try and just NOT be anything, try to make up with it with obedience and lack of trouble. No smiling at anyone of the opposit gender. If you do your a stupid slut and its time for some real humiliation. I wasn't a smiley kid. I made mean and scary weird faces, and as I got older I learned that greeting people with a smile (cheesy as it sounds) does feel good. It was habit by now. And then I found myself shot down , due to 3 incidents of smiling at 3 other miserable peoplehis morning.. God, you can't even gave the comfort of a smile. How is a normal person supposed to react to basically being turned into a slave wih no rights. Oh I guess I'll just get over it then! What a joke.